the two spies

Christ and the ecclesia (>church) are called a mystery or secret in Scripture (Eph.5:32). Paul says in this passage in Ephesus that Christ and the ecclesia are already hidden in the history of Adam and Eve. Paul reveals a secret,… Lees verder


The Bible book of Joshua reports on a completely new chapter in the history of the people of Israel. After God delivered the people from Egypt, they wandered in the desert for forty years and all members of the people… Lees verder


One of the many details mentioned in the Gospels surrounding the description of the capture and crucifixion of Jesus is the story in which Peter cuts off the ear of a certain Malchus. As with all stories in the Bible,… Lees verder

to extend grace

Paul, in two parallel texts in Ephesians and Colossians, encourages us to extend grace to one another (Greek: charizomai). This is not reflected in most translations, because they translate with forgiveness. But forgiveness is different from giving grace. When we… Lees verder