whatever He does will prosper

The book of Psalms is made up of five books and has beautiful structures. Anyone who has ever looked into this will recognize that they are of a Divine design. The book ends grandly, in Psalm 150, the last Psalm, it is described how at the end everything that has breath will praise God.

the Man
Psalm 150 is a well-known Psalm, but the first Psalm is also well-known. The first verse of the Psalms presents the Man who delights in the law (>Torah = teaching) of YAHWEH and who meditates on these words day and night. From the description of this Psalm it appears that this Man can only be one, the Messiah: Jesus Christ. It is therefore said of Him:

Psalm 1
3 …and in all that He does He will prosper.

Or as other translations say: whatever he does will prosper. That is why we read at the very end of the Psalms in the last verse:

Psalm 150
6 Everything that breathes will praise YAHWEH. Hallelujah.

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