this day is a day of good news!

In 2 Kings 6:24-7:20 we read a story in which the city of Samaria is besieged by the armies of the king of Aram. The siege causes great famine in the city (6:25). Elisha, who is a type of Christ, is also in the city, but he remains hidden. The door of the house he is in, remains closed and those outside only hear him. A typological representation of our time, in which Christ is hidden, but speaks.

four leper men
However, outside the city there are also four leprous men (7:3). Leprosy is a picture of sin in the Bible. These four men are a picture of sinners who are indeed in this world: the four corners of the earth (Rev.7:1, 20:8), but not as captives. They are outside the walls of the city, outside the camp and are free (Heb.13:13).

The four leprous men decide to go to the camp of Aram, because there is no point in entering the city, they will die there anyway (7:4). Once they arrive at the camp, however, it turns out that there is no one there anymore (7: 5.) God had made the army of Aram hear the sound of a great army, and they fled headlong, leaving everything behind (7:6-7).

day of good news
These leprous men, rejected by their fellow citizens, feast on food and drink in the army camp. They also find silver, gold and clothing (7:8). These are representations of imperishable things and glory. The men are a type of the firstfruits, who are the first to share in the victory (Rom 8:23,37). But then they realize that people in the city have no knowledge of this victory and are still living in hunger and captivity. Then you read:

2 Kings 7
9 Then they said one to another, We do not do justice. This day is a day of good news and we are silent about it (…) Now then, come, let us go and tell this in the king’s house.

Then the four leper men return to the city and bring the good news. God has delivered the city from the enemy and there is plenty to eat and drink for everyone.

This city surrounded by the enemy is a picture of this world. There is no food in it that really gives us life, imperishable life. The city is captured. Whether this is a representation of the law, of sin, or of death, these are all things that hold man captive according to Scripture. But there are those who are not in that city. Cast out (dead) before the world (Gal.6:14), but they share in the victory that God has given. An image of us, believers. After all, in Him we are more than conquerors (Rom.8:37). Without us having to struggle He gives us life and abundance, food and drink. But also silver and gold ,a representation of spiritual blessings (1 Cor3:12),and new clothing: the new man (Col 3:10). These things are therefore hidden by the four men (2 Kings 7:8). As our blessings are hidden together with Christ in God (Col 3:3).

Keep quiet?
Should we who share in these blessings keep it to ourselves ? No, of course not ,then we are not doing justice. That is to say: it is not correct . After all you wouldn’t keep quiet about good news .

These four men come to that conclusion. In 2 Kings 6:7 people are also suspicious of this good news, but in the end it turns out well. The gospel is a good message that speaks of a good outcome . But people are not always happy with it when we tell it. But hey, that wouldn’t stop us from telling it anyway,because silence is not right .

1 Timothy 4
10 For this we toil and are reproached for we have hoped in the living God, who is the saviour of all mankind, especially of those who believe .
11 Command these things and teach them.

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