the ecclesia in Psalms 8 and 110

Paul bases an important part of his argument in Ephesians 1 on Psalm 8 and Psalm 110. In this passage he says that the Christ is seated at God’s right hand in heaven (Eph.1:20), a reference to Ps.110:1. Christ is set above all principality and power and dominion and every name that is named (Eph.1:21). He puts everything under His feet (Eph.1:22), a reference to Ps.8:7.

So everything is subject to Him, to Christ, but that is not all that Paul says. He says that Christ has been given as Head to the ecclesia (Eph.1:22). The ecclesia is His body (Eph.1:22) and one with Him. Elsewhere he calls this unity simply: the Christ (1Cor.12:12).

under His feet
When Paul declares on the basis of Psalms 8 and 110 that everything has been put under His feet, then we are talking about Head and body. The body is the completion of Christ, the Head (Eph.1:23). The Head and body, the Christ, is set over everything and everything is subordinate to the Head and body. Paul hereby explains that this was already hidden in Psalms 8 and 110. In a hidden way, these Psalms speak about the ecclesia, the body of Christ.

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